Compatible with any reader

- Can be integrated with any kind of access control medium such as RF Reader, QR code Reader, Iris, Fingerprint and etc…
- Passengers can travel 30 to 40 passengers per minute

Strict tailgating entry prevention

- A single approved person entry only

Tripod arm drop automatically during emergency

- To support quick evacuation, Arm drop during power outage, fire or other emergency situations

Remote monitoring and management

The management software allows authorized personnel to take control of access management infrastructures from central location


In the event of a power outage : In the event of a power outage, the Gate Arm is allowed to pass freely in both directions.
Fire alarm interlock function : Fire alarm can be received from fire alarm. When alerting, the Gate Arm can be set to freewheel or lock.

Noise abatement device when rotating

Two-person simultaneous traffic lock function

Anti-Pass device to prevent reverse action


- Operation of the tripod arm is controlled by an electrical lock inside the gate.

Ability to set free-lock and fail lock function in case of emergency and power failure

정전 시 Arm Drop

- 정전 시 자동으로 Arm을 떨어트려 안정성 확보

Arm Cover

- 회전형 Arm에 문구 및 광고 삽입 후 플라스틱 Cover 부착

바닥 고정 BASE

- Floor 등 바닥 면에 직접 설치할 수 없을 때 토대고정용 Base