Compatible with any reader

- Can be integrated with any kind of access control medium such as RF Reader, QR code Reader, Iris, Fingerprint and etc…
- Passengers can travel 30 to 40 passengers per minute

Strict tailgating entry prevention

- A single approved person entry only

Tripod arm drop automatically during emergency

- To support quick evacuation, Arm drop during power outage, fire or other emergency situations

Remote monitoring and management

- The management software allows authorized personnel to take control of access management infrastructures from central location

Safety sensor

- Sensors detect person presence to discontinue glass panel closing to avoid accidents

Obstacle detection function

- Sensors detect object presence during panel closing to avoid damages

Emergency operation

- Support integration with fire or other emergency management systems to configure emergency operation scenario

Remote control

- Open/Close glass panels from remote locations (always “OPEN” mode available)
- Operation scheduler available with remote management

Adjust Slide Panel height

- Standard 1000 slide panel(mobile glass) height can be adjusted up to 1800


- The baseplate can be applied for necessary installation