Efficient vehicle control

Pedestrian protection due to vehicle dash

Protection of facilities due to vehicle rushing

Anti-terrorism by vehicles

Crime prevention using vehicles

Creating and improving the aesthetics of the street

Smart Structure

- Driver Built-in Type
- Easy construction
- Easy maintenance

Speed Movement

- Standard : Up 12cm/sec, Down 2.5cm/sec
- Bollard moving at the same speed (For other products, use the hydraulic piping system to make the same speed impossible)

Safety Device

- Falling when weighing more than 40kg when rising
- Preventing vehicle damage
- Built-in Heating System : Single 80w, Double 160w (option)
- Built-in drainage pump(option)

Hydraulic Automatic Raising / Lowering Device

- Adjustable bollard operation time
- Up/Down Speed 3sec or less
- Hydraulic Pump Built-in Type
- Operation speed is same in Multi Bollard configuration
- Manual down in case of power outage and emergency
- E.F.O(Emergency Fast Operation) function can rise within 1 second


- Multiple bollard configurations can be operated simultaneously and individually

Compatible with any System

- Can be linked with various systems such as Access Control System, Keypad, Intercom, and parking control according to the situation

LED and Beeper

- LED strip on top of bollard
- Beep when bollard is rising / falling


- E.F.O(Emergency Fast Operation) function can rise within 1 second